Arctic char with peas, kohlrabi and watercress

Fillet the char from the back, leaving the belly closed (do not gut it). Remove the middle bone, cut the head in half with the help of scissors, making sure that there are no cuts on the belly side of the fish. Then remove the giblets, remove the belly bones, wash them out and pluck the bones from the back fillet with tweezers.

Place the fish with the skin side on the MONOLITH Fish Plank and clamp it in place. Marinate with the lemon zest, salt and parsley.

For the kohlrabi pockets, peel the kohlrabi and cut into wafer-thin slices, then soak them in the hot liquer sugar and apple cider vinegar mixture.

Blanch the peas in boiling water and put them straight into a blender, pour in the fresh cream and blend vigorously. Season to taste with salt, nutmeg and lemon.

After about an hour, remove the slices from the marinade, lightly pat dry, place a little pea cream in the centre and form pockets, with three sides.


Kohlrabi – pea vegetables

Peel the kohlrabi, first cut into slices and then into small lozenges. Glaze these in butter, season with salt and sugar, add sparkling mineral water and cook until soft. Blanch the peas in salted water, rinse and add to the cooled kohlrabi.

For the sauce, finely puree the buttermilk and fresh herbs using a hand blender and season with a little salt.



Heat your MONOLITH so that there is plenty of direct heat, preferably maximum air supply, so leave the lid open. Clamp the Fish Plank on the side so that the fish is upside down. Let the char “flame” over the fire for about 4 – 5 minutes. Then remove it from the holder and place it on the table, remove the tension bow.

Lightly re-salt the fish and grate lemon zest over it again.

Place the kohlrabi pockets and the warm vegetables on top. Drizzle on a few dots of the pea cream and scatter the watercress.  Top with a little sauce.

Have fun grilling and enjoy your meal!

Surf'n'Turf - Venison and trout on a bed of vegetables

Set your MONOLITH up for 2 zone cooking with your SGS.

Gut the trout and cut it into thin strips about two to three fingers wide. Carefully remove the bones from the belly. Take care not to cut the skin on the back bone.

Butcher the saddle of venison if necessary. Coarsely grind one part, and cut the other into chunky medallions that match the size of the trout strips you have prepared. If you prefer you can ask your butcher or game supplier for ground venison and the medallion chunks.

Roast the spring onions on the grill briefly, leave to cool and chop finely. Add some finely grated zest of an organic lemon, season well with salt and pepper and refrigerate.

Then spread the ground venison about half a centimetre to a centimetre thick on the insides of the trout strips, place the medallions on top and tie the whole parts into shape with kitchen twine. Lightly oil the top and bottom and season with salt and a little sugar. Roast over direct heat on the barbecue until the venison has reached a core temperature of 57 °C.

Roast the vegetables on the MONOLITH, if you prefer you can peel, oil, lightly salt and sugar them first and cut them into bite-sized pieces if necessary, and cook on the indirect side of your grill.

For the vinaigrette, whisk a good glug of olive oil with mustard, syrup and balsamic. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Pour this over the vegetables and dress with the fish and venison medallions. Finish with olive oil and salt flakes.

Enjoy your meal!