Lightly caramelised apple pies

You’re probably thinking “Apple pies, somewhat humdrum.” But these apple pies will blow you away!
A complete taste bud sensation.
Sweet and sour apples in a lightly salted dough, a crispy thin caramel crust together with a hint of roasted flavour. Serve the lukewarm pastries with a scoop of vanilla or caramel ice cream and you’ll make everyone happy!


First, mix the flour with a pinch of salt and the sugar. Then add the eggs, milk and sparkling water. Mix everything into a smooth dough. Now let it rest for a while so that the flour can relax.
In the meantime, heat the monolith with the fire plate on and cut the apples into 2-3 mm thick slices.
Grease the hot plate, use some grill tongs to dip the apple slices in the batter and place them on the plate. Make sure that the temperature is not too high, you can always move the dumplings a little further out from the centre to reduce the cooking temperature. Fry on both sides, when almost done, sprinkle with some of the sugar and cinnamon mixture and turn again. Caramelise briefly and serve while still warm.

Enjoy your meal!

Mie noodles with vegetables and finest beef fillet from the wok


Cook the Mie noodles according to the instructions on the packet, drain and leave to drain.

Cut the onion into fine rings and finely chop the garlic and ginger. Cut the cauliflower and broccoli into fine rounds after washing. Cut the pepper into thin strips and the carrot(s) into slices.

Preheat the wok, fry the beef fillet in oil with a little salt and pepper, then remove from the pan and set aside. Now fry the garlic and ginger briefly in the pan, deglaze with mirin and add the vegetables and fry again.

Add the vegetable stock, soy sauce and hoisin sauce. Add the noodles and the fillet – allow to warm briefly ….

… and enjoy!

Wild Cabbage Burger

Anyone who enjoys ceramic grilling knows that most grilled dishes aren’t instantaneous. The griller should therefore have a little time and patience do prepare this recipe so we suggest you put out a few snacks as an appetiser for the hungry guests. But as they say in gastro: “Mise-en-place is everything!” – This basically means that as long as all the chopping is well prepared and all the ingredients and tools are in place and ready to hand, the actual cooking or grilling is a doddle.

Before we start with the chopping, we get the monolith ready to go. We first start with a standard complete indirect set-up, two deflector stones with a stainless steel grill grate (if necessary, a 2nd level stainless steel grill grate and an additional grill grate). We stabilise the grill at about 150°C with a medium-sized nest of hot embers. Don’t worry if you’ve got slightly rising heat because we‘ll change the setup to the cast iron plate + cast iron grate later anyway and will need plenty of embers then.

While the grill is getting up to temperature, we start with the red cabbage and savoy cabbage.

Peel off and discard the outer leaves of both the red cabbage and savoy cabbage, then remove more whole leaves from the heads, wash thoroughly and dry with a cloth.

Cut the remaining inner heads in half and remove the stalk. Cut into fine strips with a kitchen knife or slicer. Put the savoy cabbage and red cabbage together in a bowl. Mix with peanut oil.

Put on the brine: Mix about 1 tbsp salt to 500ml water. Heat gently in a saucepan to dissolve more quickly.

Wash the plums, cut in half and remove the stone.

Peel the red onions and cut into rings.

Mix the mayo and sambal oelek together in a bowl.

Shape or press the minced meat into burger patties of the same size. Note: The patties should be slightly larger in diameter than the burger buns (about 1 cm overhang on each side) because the patties shrink slightly during grilling and should still have about the same diameter as the buns when cooked.

Cut the cheese according to the size of the burger patties.

Once the monolith has reached about 150°C, brush or dip the red cabbage and savoy cabbage leaves (halved if necessary) in brine. Spread the leaves generously on the levels of the grill and roast for approx. 30min until golden brown and crispy.

Now remove the complete set-up including the deflector stones. If necessary, mix the embers with charcoal that has not yet ignited so that the embers are evenly distributed. Place the grill grate and plancha in the monolith over direct heat and bring up to temperature for approx. 15min.

Roast the chopped cabbage and savoy cabbage on the plancha until golden brown. At the same time, grill the plums on the cast iron grate. Season the savoy cabbage and cabbage with winter spices, deglaze with cider vinegar, then remove from the hot plancha and keep warm if possible.

Briefly caramelise the plums on the plancha with honey and thyme, then also remove from the plancha and keep warm if possible.

Remove the remaining honey from the plancha.

Fry the burger patties on the plancha, turning after approx. 3 min. Season the flipped side with salt and pepper and top with cheese. After another 3 minutes with the lid closed, the cheese will have melted and the patties will be between medium and pale pink, depending on their thickness.

Briefly toast the burger buns on the grill.

Top the burgers with all the ingredients as desired.

Enjoy your meal!