Gyros from the Rotisserie

Preparation gyros: 

Cut marbled lamb or veal into 8 mm thin slices. 

For the yoghurt marinade, stir the gyros spice mixture into the yoghurt, press in the garlic cloves and mix everything with the olive oil. Cut one of the onions and add it to the marinade.  

The thinly sliced meat is placed in the yoghurt marinade so that they are completely covered. Then the marinated meat go into the fridge for 24 hours to marinate. 

The yoghurt serves primarily to tenderise the meat. If you don’t like yoghurt, you can also stir the spice mixture into a little olive oil and then put the meat in this marinade. 

First, half a vegetable onion is put on the skewer and then the meat is skewered one by one. At the end, place the other half of the vegetable onion on the skewer. The meat is pressed tightly together and then fixed in place with the second flashlight fork. 

Setup & grilling: 

The gyros skewer is grilled directly at approx. 150 – 160 °C without deflector stones. The charcoal basket is not completely filled so that the heat reaches the meat evenly. After approx. 1 – 1 1/2 hours, you can cut off the first layer of crispy, browned gyros. Repeat this process about every 20 minutes until the spit is gone.  

Optional: A cherry wood chunk for a light smoky flavour to the meat. 


Preparation tomato Bulgur: 

First cook 150 g bulgur in boiling salted water according to package instructions. 

Meanwhile, chop a small onion and a clove of garlic into small cubes. Wash 200 g cherry tomatoes well and then cut them into quarters. 

Heat 3 tbsp olive oil in a pan and sauté the onion and garlic for 2 minutes until translucent. Stir in 2 tsp tomato paste and sauté briefly. 

Mix in the cooked bulgur and season with salt and pepper. Carefully fold in the tomatoes and 2 tbsp coarsely chopped black olives (without stones). Serve bulgur sprinkled with 3 tbsp coarsely chopped parsley. 


Preparation Tzatziki: 

First, pour the Greek yoghurt into a bowl. Then grate the unpeeled cucumber with a grater. Then the cucumber is pressed together with the hands so that the tzatziki does not become too watery and added to the yoghurt. 

Finely chop the fresh dill. Peel the garlic, press it in the press and then add it with the dill. 

The best part of all is the delicious Greek olive oil. Add about 80 ml to the tzatziki. 

Squeeze half a lemon into it. Salt, pepper and mix very well together. Until the tzatziki reaches a creamy consistency. 



BBQ Tear ‘n’ Share Bread

Dice the onions, dried tomatoes and garlic. Put them in a pan with the oil and fry. Add the bacon lardons. Season with salt, pepper, chilli and sugar. Stir in the barbecue sauce and set the mixture aside.  

Make deep cuts in the bread lengthwise and crosswise so that the spaces can be filled. Use a tablespoon to put the mixture into the bread. Place the cheese slices in the openings and bake the bread on the pizza stone at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.   


The bread is perfect for a cosy barbecue evening. 



Chorizo & Curry Pumpkin Soup cooked in the Fire Pot

Creamy Hokkaido pumpkin soup with curry and coconut milk and crispy chorizo sausage from the Monolith fire pot. Quickly made and simply delicious de luxe!


Cut the sausages into slices of about 1cm and roast them in a fire pot preheated over direct heat, stirring until golden brown, then put to one side.

Now roast the pumpkin, pepper, onion and garlic in the sausage oil. When the desired degree of roasting is reached, add 2 tablespoons of tomato purée and continue cooking briefly. At the same time, roast the pumpkin seeds with a little olive oil in the lid of the fire pot and set aside.

Deglaze the fire pot with coconut milk, vegetable stock and a dash of soy sauce, season with the curry rub and bring everything to the boil briefly. Then simmer with the deflector for indirect heat and the lid closed for about 30 minutes until all the ingredients are soft and cooked. Stir occasionally.

Now puree the soup with a hand blender to the desired consistency. If necessary, season with salt and pepper, a little curry rub, soy sauce and adjust the consistency with stock or water.

Add the sausage slices again, except for a small amount, and heat briefly.

To serve, arrange the remaining sausage slices, roasted seeds and some cress and balsamic vinegar on the soup. It goes wonderfully with fresh baguette.

Enjoy your meal!