Leg of lamb – a classic that is often served on special occasions. The thought of sizzling meat with heat and smoke flavour, alongside crisp, freshly grilled vegetables cooked on a Monolith makes our mouths water! Here’s how it’s done:

The day before:
First, debone the lamb legs (or get your butcher to do this for you ahead of time). It is best to cut along the bone with a flexible fillet or boning knife. Then marinate them overnight with lime juice.

The next day, assemble and put the meat on the rotisserie, fix it with butcher’s tape or twine tightly to hold in place. In the meantime, fire up your Monolith to 120 – 130° C. Then place the rotisserie on the grill, put the skewer with the legs of lamb in place, and leave to rotate at 120° C for approx. 3.5 hours.
To obtain a subtle smoky aroma a trayful of your flavour choice of pellets can be added to the embers with the feeder system, the Monolith Beech pellets pair well with lamb.

The vegetable skillet:
Dice all the vegetables (1:1) and place them in a cast iron pan. At about 1 hour before the lamb is due to be ready, place the pan under the skewer with the lamb legs on the rack, this will add extra flavour to the vegetables in the pan with the fat and meat juices dripping down.

We recommend an internal temperature of the lamb to be about 57 – 60° C for a perfect medium-rare, and the meat to be slightly pink and very tender, but feel free to adjust this to your preference, medium is 65 – 70° C.

Enjoy your meal with your guests.


Winter grilling

Winter grilling? Always a pleasure with a Monolith Kamado Barbecue!

Barbecuing in winter is what a Monolith Kamado Grill is made for. Even if the weather is past its best, the grilling season doesn't end and because a Monolith Kamado Grill is designed to be used 365 days a year.

Imagine dining out in the winter months, there’s nothing more comforting relaxing at a local pub or restaurant with a log fire and tucking into a juicy char-grilled steak. It’s a moment to be savoured and one which can easily be reproduced at home with the help of a Monolith Kamado.

Why give up the taste of barbecue during the winter, just because the weather isn’t so great? Of course you may want to eat indoors, but you don’t need to compromise on amazing flavour by cooking indoors.

Monolith high performance ceramic technology delivers consistently stable cooking temperatures whatever weather the winter season throws at us. Monolith doesn't fear wind or rain, in fact it embraces the cold weather that often prevents other types of barbecue from getting up to temperature.

We believe that winter grilling can be equally satisfying, if not more so, then a BBQ on a summer’s day. You don’t have to be wearing a tee shirt to impress your friends and party guests, so much so that we recommend that you don’t put your grill into winter storage even if you don’t yet own a Monolith.

barbacoa en invierno
6 key reasons why Monolith is the grill of choice for the winter season:
  • Choose Monolith because of it’s phenominal heat retention properties. Monolith has no ignition problems even during the winter so you don't have to light the fire any earlier than you would in the summer. The charcaol burns perfectly and always at optimum temperature thanks the the ventilation system (chimney effect) and it’s thick ceramic walls.
  • Choose Monolith because of efficiency. You don't have to choose thin cuts of meat for winter cooking and give up steaks because they can’t reach searing temperature. Especially with the lid on, your Monolith can cook the same dishes that you cooked on the hottest of days even when it’s freezing outside.
  • Choose Monolith because of economy. Even when outside temperatures are freezing, a Monolith ceramic grill will only consume marginally more fuel than on a hot sunny day.
  • Choose Monolith for pizza! Reaching 300° or 400°C even in the darkest depths of winter is still possible with a Monolith Kamado Grill.
  • Choose Monolith because it does not fear the wind. Many thin metal barbecues show erratic temperature swings when exposted to the wind. The temperature of your Monolith will remain consistent even on the windiest of days.
  • Choose Monolith because of simplicity. Cleaning by pyrolysis make life so much easier, simply open the vents at the end of your cookout and bring the temperature to around 400°/450°C  for 15 minutes and any remaining food debris will char and flake. The swipe of a wire brush and the job is done.
For outdoor grilling 365 days a year, it’s not about the weather, it’s all about the barbecue!

Winter grilling

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The Michelin Starred Chef Errico Recanati becomes Monolith’s new Chef Ambassador

It’s well know that we at Monolith love Chefs who put open fire cooking at centre stage of their cuisine so Errico Recanati, starred chef at the Andreina family restaurant in Loreto in the Italian province of Ancona, could not fail to be part of our team of European Chef Ambassadors.


First it was Grandma Andreina and now Errico, this “kitchen of smoke and flames” has been handed down the generations and cooking over open fire is the signature element of his cuisine.

Grandma Andreina's cuisine and the history of her restaurant

"The name of the restaurant pays homage to Andreina who, 61 years ago in 1959, opened a traditional trattoria in Loreto serving game and local Marche specialities, making it one of the most famous restaurants in central Italy in a very short time".

"Errico was born there, in her grandmother's kitchen he learnt the basics and now that Andreina is no longer there, Errico continues to create the classic dishes that have made this restaurant so important - the famous meat sauce, cappelletti in broth and tagliatelle. He continues to pay homage to the Marche region using garlic, rosemary and sage to stuff the game.


"Errico’s passion for the tradition, hard work and innovation culminated in 2013 with the award of a Michelin star ".

Chef explains: "My cuisine is a revival of tradition where the raw ingredients, chosen by me are enhanced and not altered. It is a continuous process to modernise both the dishes the techniques that I use".

Cooking with fire to recover forgotten tastes and flavours

"The interweaving of tradition and innovation" lead Errico to create dishes that are difficult to explain in words, infact they feature deep flavours that make them hold the flavour on the palate. It is only by visiting the restaurant that one can understand how Errico uses embers to extract flavours that would be impossible with other cooking methods. Errico marries embers with foods that nobody had ever contemplated such as spaghetti "Cacio e 7 pepi". At the Andreina Restaurant, barbecue lovers can be guided by Chef through either of two tasting menus: the Fuoco menu and the Fiamme menu.


Chef's signature cooking method

Chef Recanati grills food directly over hot coals. The smoke of the charcoal, generated by the preparations and juices of the food, deliver the final elements of the recipe, a process which he often accentuates through the use of what he calls “the hat”. The aromatic notes that the chef is able to give to the food make for a unique dish with unforgettable aromatic sensations of smoke and embers.


The dishes made especially on Monolith

Errico have transferred two perennial favourites to being cooked on the Monolith, "Barbecued lettuce, almonds with trout caviar" and "Guinea fowl, roots and sage extract". Moreover Errico immediately created two new dishes designed specifically for cooking on the Monolith - "Monkfish liver, quince and lightly smoked duck" and "Italian prawn, its water and oysters". Soon we will publish the recipes of these two magnificent dishes.

Monolith and Chef Errico Recanati

Chef Recanati uses the Monolith kamado both in the restaurant and for outside catering. 2 Monolith Juniors feature in the kitchen, one of them being located in the open fire area while the Classic Pro Series enjoys the magnificent garden outside, seated in the all-terrain buggy.


Restaurant Andreina

Via Buffolareccia, 14 | 60025 Loreto  | An | Italy | +39 71 970124  |

The new hub for the world of kamado and ceramic barbecues now has a new domain name:


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autmn barbecues

Monolith fires up the colours of autumn

An Autumn barbecue is one of the most wonderful things to enjoy at this time of year as the leaves start turning and the scent of Autumn fills the air. So forget about putting the barbecue away, instead put it somewhere where you can continue to grill and discover the delights that the new season has to offer.

We at Monolith particularly like the Autumn as it brings with it different produce and new flavours, with a myriad options for mouth-watering fresh grilled food, from colourful root vegetables to game and seasonal fish.

autmn barbecues

Gathering friends and family around the Monolith

With still mild temperatures, a barbecue in Autum provides the perfect environment to chat with loved ones, creating a warm atmosphere for sharing stories - the stories of the food being prepared, the history of the kamado and the fascinating life of a 3,000 year old cooking method that Monolith has transformed into the cooking system of the future.

All year round cooking with Monolith

Whatever the season, the shape of our kamado, its high performance ceramic and thermal properties allow you to continue grilling even when the weather is not at its best, so rest easy and enjoy the Autumn grilling experience.

autmn barbecues

Grill seasonal products

We at Monolith embrace the seasonal barbecue. The sun is not so intense, the air is still warm and yet fresh in the evening, a weather pattern that gives rise to specific seasonal produce. Not only do we like to rediscover the traditional ways of cooking over fire but also using the abundance of ingredients that nature offers us. Seasonal produce at the height freshness deserves the best of cooking tradition.

autmn barbecues

Autumn food

We can choose from so many wonderful ingredients for our autumn barbecue. Hearty root vegetables like carrots, swede, turnips and potatoes, freshly foraged funghi and let’s not forget the pumpkin. With the game season now open there are fish and meats a plenty, here are the ones we like to grill the most, what about you?

Seasonal vegetables

  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkin
  • Leeks
  • Beetroot

The fish of the season

  • Turbot
  • Mullet
  • Squid
  • Rainbow Trout

Game meats

  • Pheasant
  • Quail
  • Wild Duck
  • Venison

Let’s not forget that we can finish the meal with typical desserts of this season by setting up the Monolith for indirect cooking and creating a charcoal oven – apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin and hazelnut pie. Charcoal oven cooking just adds another colour and flavour dimension to these seasonal traditions.

autmn barbecues

Monolith's recipes 

We at Monolith, thanks to our expert chefs and grillers want to share our recipes for the season but whether you follow our offering or not, nothing can replace the fresh seasonal ingredients and cooking over a charcoal fire.

autmn barbecue (2)

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The new generation of Monolith BBQ Guru digital controllers is upon us

The first tests with the UltraQ and the DynaQ have been successfully completed: check out the two new digital temperature controllers produced by the American company BBQ Guru, market leader in the field of digital barbecue controllers. We are now ready to launch! Monolith Grill GmbH is the exclusive European distributor of BBQ Guru.


The wait is over - the new BBQ Gurus are here! The controllers have been completely redesigned. Many features have been modified and upgraded, visually as well as technically. The app-controlled operation system has already convinced many users in America and will undoubtedly inspire European users too.

May we suggest? 

The new generation from the house of BBQ Guru is now ready and has been extensively tested. Both controllers work with an app that can be downloaded for free in the relevant app stores. Here is a brief overview of the differences between the devices:

  • Bluetooth
  • Operated and set up via the app
  • 1 pit probe
  • 1 food probe
  • Setting mode to select the barbecue
  • LED frame with patent pending status light ring
  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN (with WLAN connection also controllable via
  • Adjustable via app and manual operation
  • 1 pit probe
  • 3 food probes
  • Setting mode to select the barbecue
  • LED frame with patent pending status light ring

Besides the use for Monolith Kamado Barbecues, BBQ Guru controllers can also be combined with many other kamados and barbecues.


The new hub for the world of kamado and ceramic barbecues now has a new domain name:


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Smart grilling with the BBQ-Guru


Our Kamado Grill is ideally suited to so-called long cooks, dishes that require extensive grilling times, thanks to its insulative ceramic. If you want to automate this process, the BBQ Guru is the best choice for you.


Barbecuing is about timing, and sometimes timing requires a degree of patience. Cooking on a ceramic barbecue can take a few seconds to several hours, depending on the dish, and this can be troublesome for impatient grillers. Especially the classic disciplines, such as the cooking of the deliciously popular pulled pork, are often associated with many hours of cooking. How great it would be if cooking in the kamado overnight took care of itself and you don’t have to worry about the temperature stability in the night? To relieve you of this extra work, we work with the BBQ Guru.



The BBQ Guru is now available in three different versions, each of which does its job; they control and regulate the temperature inside the ceramic grill. A thermometer inside the grill measures the temperature of the fire. In addition, depending on the BBQ Guru version there are 1-3 temperature meters for the barbecue itself, which measure the core food temperature and adjust the intensity of the fire accordingly.

The computer in the BBQ Guru uses the temperature data inside the grill to adjust the air supply to the fire automatically and instantly. A more detailed description of how it works can be found here on our website. As the Monolith is weatherproof and well insulated, the temperature control works in all weather conditions, in both summer and sub-zero temperatures. Naturally, the BBQ Guru is equipped with the latest technology and can now be controlled quite easily via app.



The BBQ Guru is extremely easy to use and requires neither special knowledge nor a complex installation. The fan can be installed in the ceramic grill without any tools, or on versions such as the Monolith LeChef BBQ Guru Edition, it may already be installed in the kamado. The operating instructions are easy to understand and the BBQ Guru app makes access to all functions even easier.



Sounds like a rhetorical question? Of course the different versions of the BBQ Guru, together with our Monolith, have already been thoroughly tested! So, if you haven’t yet decided whether the BBQ Guru is right for your next barbecue creation, take a look here.


Introducing the Monolith Kamado Barbecue Video Tutorials

They say a picture speaks 1000 words, whether it be to convey emotions or detailed instructions there is no better medium, so today we present Monolith’s first series of instructional videos. 


Why the video tutorials

First and foremost we want to show those of you interested in buying a Monolith how easy it is to use a kamado. We also want everyone to enjoy using a Monolith Kamado and what better way to improve your skills!

The video instructions

Learning some thing new is both fast and enjoyable with video instruction and the Monolith kamado is no different. Seeing “how to do it” provides a more comprehensive understanding and it’s easier to remember.

Stop, rewind, move on

You can access our video tutorials as required, stop them, check on particlar feature or set up, rewind and watch again. All the time learning from our expert grillers.


The Monolith Academy

We have called this first series from the Monolith Academy, “Monolith Tutorial Basics” which will help you make the most from kamado cooking. These first tutorial videos will focus on the basic functionality that you need day to day and how cook using both direct and indirect methods.

The first tutorial videos

Here’s a list of the first videos which we’ll be releasing every Wednesday and Friday. The tutorial videos will be available both on our European Youtube channel and the Monolith Kamado UK & Ireland Facebook page. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel for a sneak preview by clicking on this link.

  1. First use, seasoning the cast iron charcoal grate.
  2. Direct grilling
  3. Direct grilling with cast iron grill grate
  4. Indirect grilling at low temperature
  5. High temperature indirect baking
  6. Direct and indirect grilling with the SGS (Smart Grid System)
  7. Direct and indirect cooking with SGS half filling with charcoal
  8. WOK cooking on the Monolith
  9. Seasoning the Monolith fire plate
  10. Pyrolytic cleaning
  11. Gasket replacement
  12. Adjusting the banding
Also examples of cooking and grilling

At the end of each video you’ll find real cooking examples that demonstrate the key points covered in the video tutorial itself.

At last!

Whether you are an enthusiast or catering professional, Monolith’s Basic Video Tutorials may also help you correct any errors you may have made when using our equipment.


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Introducing the Monolith Kamado Barbecue new English website

Welcome to our new English website!

We are live!

Our rejuvenated website reflects the spirit of our unique brand; here, you can see who we are and what our grills are made for. Monolith is more than just a barbecue, it embodies a new generation of ceramic grills and high-quality grilling accessories. Monolith is freedom!


With this website, we have laid the foundation for a user-friendly browsing experience; not only for our existing customers, but for everyone who encounters our popular Monolith ceramic grill for the first time.

Our site has a simple, clear and user-friendly layout - but it's not appearances that matter, it’s the content! And it works. See for yourself, browse the site and find out more about our globally renowned Monolith Kamado Grill.


You will find what you are looking for here!

  • New design
      • Our new, clearer design delivers comprehensive information about the Monolith Kamado Grill.
  • New navigation system
      • Thanks to the all-in-one menu, you can see all the contents of our new website at a glance. Explore the universe of the Monolith Kamado Grill and find your perfect barbecue.
  • Optimized for mobile & tablet
      • Our website is mobile optimized and is therefore compatible with every smartphone. Browse our site on your device, whether at your desk or on the go.
  • Plenty of content
      • Keeping our finger on the pulse, we publish a continous stream of fresh and exciting content. A detailed breakdown of our Kamado grills, comprehensive product descriptions, recipes and our Monolith blog – there’s so much to explore! For further information you can download our brochure and technical data.
  • Contact us !
        • It’s easy to get involved. Find our dealers or join our vast barbecue community. The Monolith Kamado Grill is more than just a grill - it is a lifestyle!


This new hub for the Kamado world of ceramic grills has a new domain name:


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Matthias Otto, Monolith Grill CEO and Founder


matthias otto

It all started with my passion for barbecue and cooking with fire. But I wanted something that went beyond the conventional product reserved for grilling at weekends and then put back in a corner. I wanted to make a versatile barbecue that could be used in different ways, every day, that is also a stylish accessory to be displayed with pride. In order to make this I thought about the kamado, but a new and modern kamado. It was from this thought Monolith was born. I developed a product that combined the tradition of a Japanese kamado with German design, quality and durability. A product that features several cooking systems together with the most advanced technology applied to ceramic grills. A unique device that would make Monolith the kamado brand par excellence.

On this basis our Monolith Kamado Grill was born and subsequently developed over the years. Universal devices that allow you to grill, barbecue and smoke, to have a charcoal oven, a bread and pizza oven, a system that allows you to cook anything; the possibility of having a complete outdoor kitchen not only for the enthusiast but also for the catering professional who needs a system built to withstand intensive use. From this versatility and multi functionality comes the Monolith slogan: Monolith is freedom. A simple concept, but one that embodies the essence of using Monolith today. In Monolith, innovation and technology come together to give everyone the opportunity to use our grill in a simple way whilst still respecting the tradition of cooking with fire. And thanks to this Monolith Kamado Grills have become international cooking devices because they are able to adapt to every culinary culture and so create the traditional recipes of every country.

matthias Otto

We at Monolith are proud of our products and our success which incorporate the essence of German engineering and development which have led us to produce the most technologically advanced kamado on the market. We have achieved these results because we at Monolith, the people who work here, are barbecue lovers & professionals, so we can proudly say that our kamado grills are designed, developed and produced by barbecue lovers for barbecue lovers.

Matthias Otto, CEO and Founder