They say a picture speaks 1000 words, whether it be to convey emotions or detailed instructions there is no better medium, so today we present Monolith’s first series of instructional videos. 


Why the video tutorials

First and foremost we want to show those of you interested in buying a Monolith how easy it is to use a kamado. We also want everyone to enjoy using a Monolith Kamado and what better way to improve your skills!

The video instructions

Learning some thing new is both fast and enjoyable with video instruction and the Monolith kamado is no different. Seeing “how to do it” provides a more comprehensive understanding and it’s easier to remember.

Stop, rewind, move on

You can access our video tutorials as required, stop them, check on particlar feature or set up, rewind and watch again. All the time learning from our expert grillers.


The Monolith Academy

We have called this first series from the Monolith Academy, “Monolith Tutorial Basics” which will help you make the most from kamado cooking. These first tutorial videos will focus on the basic functionality that you need day to day and how cook using both direct and indirect methods.

The first tutorial videos

Here’s a list of the first videos which we’ll be releasing every Wednesday and Friday. The tutorial videos will be available both on our European Youtube channel and the Monolith Kamado UK & Ireland Facebook page. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel for a sneak preview by clicking on this link.

  1. First use, seasoning the cast iron charcoal grate.
  2. Direct grilling
  3. Direct grilling with cast iron grill grate
  4. Indirect grilling at low temperature
  5. High temperature indirect baking
  6. Direct and indirect grilling with the SGS (Smart Grid System)
  7. Direct and indirect cooking with SGS half filling with charcoal
  8. WOK cooking on the Monolith
  9. Seasoning the Monolith fire plate
  10. Pyrolytic cleaning
  11. Gasket replacement
  12. Adjusting the banding
Also examples of cooking and grilling

At the end of each video you’ll find real cooking examples that demonstrate the key points covered in the video tutorial itself.

At last!

Whether you are an enthusiast or catering professional, Monolith’s Basic Video Tutorials may also help you correct any errors you may have made when using our equipment.


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