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Market demand for barbecues and grills increases annually and the kamado segment within the barbecue market further outstrips this growth trend. Becoming a Monolith Partner means being the first to offer your customers a product that is enjoying great success through technical innovation and production quality.

Monolith Kamado cooking – an exciting new way!

With Monolith, simply forget what you know about barbecue grills and imagine a new way, something different, with limitless possibilities and varieties of cooking style. Monolith is a multifunctional system for grilling, barbecuing, smoking, baking and roasting. It’s a grill, it’s a charcoal oven, even a tandoor. Many cooking styles can be created with one single system.

Catering Sector

Monolith is robust and capable of withstanding intensive, repetitive use making it ideal for the professional kitchen where cooking with fire is increasingly becoming a recognised necessity of haute cuisine.

Domestic sector

Monolith is not only an excellent barbecue, it’s also pleasing to the eye, a design object that enhances everywhere you place it, whether in the garden, on the terrace or even on the balcony.

Advantages of being an Authorised Monolith Kamado Grill Dealer
  • A German brand and a German product: solidity, robustness, durability, technology and design are the fundamental elements that characterise Monolith.
  • Monolith is regarded has the pinnacle of high quality manufacturing in the kamado market sector
  • Monolith customers buy the brand and dealers have access to the widest range of accessories on the market creating opportunities for upselling and repeat business
  • Thanks to its versatility and multifunctionality Monolith is a complete outdoor kitchen. One Monolith meets every need, whether a traditional English grill, a classic American barbecue or a high temperature pizza oven
  • A product that is not just a barbecue, Monolith is an object of design that enhances any garden or patio
  • Ceramic and stainless steel don’t rust, Monolith can be used 365 days a year and it can be sold all year round
  • Monolith brand back up with Ambassador chefs and social media campaigns

What Monolith offers you
  • Point of sale start-up consultation
  • Design and construction of your Monolith showroom display
  • Sales team training
  • MONOelite Chef team for demonstrations and events
  • Full brand backup with POS materials and advice

Increase your sales, become an Authorised Monolith Kamado Grill Dealer:

We’ll visit you, discuss your needs and how to develop your local market in the best way. We’ll advise on the ideal Monolith display and support your business to fulfil the growing need for Monolith in your part of the UAE.

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