Monolith Avantgarde

Design meets technology. Years of striving for perfection in quality and operation have led to the development of the MONOLITH Avantgarde. High-quality silicate ceramics, stainless steel fittings and details such as a glass fibre seal and LED light in the handle bear witness to our developers’ extensive experience in operation and production.

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What can the new Avantgarde series do?

It is based on all previous innovations of the already technically advanced PRO series 2.0: stainless steel glass fibre seal, an adapter for connecting digital control units, the incredibly versatile grill grate system SGS (Smart Grid System) and other features known from MONOLITH remain on board. 

The new Avantgarde has a much stronger frame, which now also provides storage for accessories, as well as securing the side tables. This makes the grill and frame look like one unit.

The new satin-matt glaze, an extremely resistant mineral glaze that withstands all weather conditions and acids, is particularly attractive. Moreover, it refines the grill with its colour matched perfectly to the stainless steel.

The wooden components also have a new look: the side tables and handle are made of “Heavy Bamboo”, a material produced by carbonising bamboo fibres into an extremely stable, resistant material which creates a distinguished apperance and is very sustainable. 

In addition, two LED lamps have been installed in the handle that are operated via a metal switch on the side of the handle. This means that you can now grill comfortably in the dark without the need for an additional lamp. 

No other barbecue combines aesthetics, functionality and durability like the new MONOLITH Avantgarde – THE KAMADO.

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Ready for your new Monolith Avantgarde?

Let one of our authorised dealers in your area advise you. Our dealers are trained, passionate about what they do and can advise you on all questions concerning the #Essklasse, the Monolith Avantgarde Kamado Grill. Accessories such as handles, side tables and racks can also be retrofitted to your MONOLITH Classic at your dealer.

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