Why Monolith is the perfect professional barbecue for the catering sector

Today, the professional catering sector aspires once again to offer the true flavours of fire cooking.

Rediscover traditional culinary flavours thanks to the capabilities of a professional charcoal multifunctional barbecue that creates both direct and indirect heat.

Monolith professional barbecues provide the ultimate in mobile cooking equipment for outside catering and banqueting services.

Sieze the opportunity to create many different cooking styles with one single piece of equipment.

This professional barbecue is a grill, a barbecue, a smokehouse or even a wood-fired oven, yet with the addition of a few accessories it can be transformed into a hot plate plancha or rotisserie.

4 sizes cater for every need both inside or outside the restaurant.

And now, introducing Monolith Proline, a modular professional barbecue system specifically designed to meet the challenges of mobile catering and banqueting market sector.