Monolith BBQ Guru Edition Pro Series 2.0

The Smart One.The Monolith BBQ Guru Edition was developed in collaboration with our American partner BBQ Guru. The Monolith is perfect for electronic temperature control, which is why we developed the Monolith Classic and LeChef with integrated blower.
With sleek design and effortless connectivity the oven temperature is determined using a thermal sensor and passed on to a controller via cable. The controller* modulates the integrated blower, which regulates the glow of the embers by means of the amount of oxygen blown in.  In addition, the controller detects when the lid is open and adjusts the air supply for the time of opening.

Complete control
of the grill

For the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition there are two different controllers. In addition to the pit temperature, the BBQ Guru can also display the core temperature of the food via an additional temperature sensor. With the top-of-the-line BBQ Guru UltraQ, you can connect to a cloud via Wifi and thus access a database that stores the history of past grilling processes and additionally offers a large number of grilled recipes. In addition, the controller can be paired with any smartphone or tablet. The UltraQ model has three additional food probes, the DynaQ model just one.

Media Sharing
with UltraQ

Synchronize your UltraQ with the web and the functions of the BBQ Guru website Join the BBQ Guru online community – create and share instructions with others, see how other experts grill, upload your delicious food pictures, and support others.

Monolith BBQ Guru Edition
Ramp Mode BBQ Guru


This function enables the cooking space temperature to be reduced before the core temperature is reached. If the ramp mode is set to (rAY), it is activated at a low temperature (approx. 110° C). This mode is used for “long jobs” so that the food does not overcook.

This function gradually lowers the cooking space temperature to the set core temperature as soon as the cooking space sensor is within approx. 10° C of the preset core temperature sensor. The control unit keeps the cooking space temperature slightly above the core temperature as long as charcoal (fuel) is available.


This function enables the target temperature to be restored quickly after opening the lid. If the “Open-Lid” option is set to (oLY) in the menu, the open lid detection is activated. When the lid is opened, the temperature drops. This can cause the blower to “overfire” the charcoal (fuel) and cause the target temperature to be exceeded when the lid is closed. This mode detects when the oven lid is open and minimizes the fan operation during this time.

The temperature always rises if the lid of the cooking space is opened and closed often, even when the fan is switched off. In the factory setting, the “Open Lid” mode is always activated. Disable this feature if you experience problems with excessive airflow. To avoid false alarms, when the mode is activated, no alarm sounds when the temperature drops and the lid is open.

Open Lid Mode BBQ Guru

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