The monolith was ALMOST PERFECT…

…BUT WE ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH “ALMOST”. And so, we have developed our ceramic grills even further and proudly present the new Monolith Pro Series 2.0.

All Monoliths are now fitted with a stapled stainless steel and fiberglass gasket incorporating high-quality metal bands. Our Monolith Junior has the beloved Icon hinge and consequently the fireplate can be fitted to it. The pivot system of the Classic lid has been updated to allow even more effortless opening. Moreover, all models now come with new cast iron exhaust valves, fitted with the novel slide system for greater stability. And to ensure every Monolith is Guru ready, all of our kamados have a Guru blower adapter. We look forward to a new era of grilling – the era of the Monolith Pro Series 2.0

Brand new Hinge system

CLASSIC: More flexibility combined with even more stability. By recentring the pivot, the lid can now be opened with even less effort yet the full weight still rests firmly on the grill, sealing the inner chamber better than ever before.

JUNIOR: Lid off, plate on – with our new Pro Series 2.0, we equip the Junior with the ICON hinge. By far the most seismic update to the Junior, you can now use our much-acclaimed fire plate on this grill, making it consistent with all our other models.


Our icon’s innovative sealing system kept last year’s BBQ scene thrilled. In 2021, we heed your call and equip all our grill models with a stainless steel and fibreglass mesh gasket. When replaced every 3-5 years it’s virtually maintenance free, way easier to clean and resistant to any encounter


No more compromises: The Pro Series 2.0 features a built-in adapter to which the blower can be mounted in one simple move. This way, you are always ready for your next BBQ – and the time consuming installation of the adapter plate becomes a thing of the past.

New Damper

A new style with improved performance: The redesigned cast iron damper directs smoke directly upwards and out of the grill. The new slide system offers greater stability and feels even better than before.

Ready for your own Monolith Pro-Series 2.0?

kamado barbecue

You can also consult with one our authorised dealer in Malta. Our partners are trained and passionate about what they do and will happily answer all your questions about the Monolith Kamado Grill.