An Autumn barbecue is one of the most wonderful things to enjoy at this time of year as the leaves start turning and the scent of Autumn fills the air. So forget about putting the barbecue away, instead put it somewhere where you can continue to grill and discover the delights that the new season has to offer.

We at Monolith particularly like the Autumn as it brings with it different produce and new flavours, with a myriad options for mouth-watering fresh grilled food, from colourful root vegetables to game and seasonal fish.

autmn barbecues

Gathering friends and family around the Monolith

With still mild temperatures, a barbecue in Autum provides the perfect environment to chat with loved ones, creating a warm atmosphere for sharing stories – the stories of the food being prepared, the history of the kamado and the fascinating life of a 3,000 year old cooking method that Monolith has transformed into the cooking system of the future.

All year round cooking with Monolith

Whatever the season, the shape of our kamado, its high performance ceramic and thermal properties allow you to continue grilling even when the weather is not at its best, so rest easy and enjoy the Autumn grilling experience.

autmn barbecues

Grill seasonal products

We at Monolith embrace the seasonal barbecue. The sun is not so intense, the air is still warm and yet fresh in the evening, a weather pattern that gives rise to specific seasonal produce. Not only do we like to rediscover the traditional ways of cooking over fire but also using the abundance of ingredients that nature offers us. Seasonal produce at the height freshness deserves the best of cooking tradition.

autmn barbecues

Autumn food

We can choose from so many wonderful ingredients for our autumn barbecue. Hearty root vegetables like carrots, swede, turnips and potatoes, freshly foraged funghi and let’s not forget the pumpkin. With the game season now open there are fish and meats a plenty, here are the ones we like to grill the most, what about you?

Seasonal vegetables

  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkin
  • Leeks
  • Beetroot

The fish of the season

  • Turbot
  • Mullet
  • Squid
  • Rainbow Trout

Game meats

  • Pheasant
  • Quail
  • Wild Duck
  • Venison

Let’s not forget that we can finish the meal with typical desserts of this season by setting up the Monolith for indirect cooking and creating a charcoal oven – apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin and hazelnut pie. Charcoal oven cooking just adds another colour and flavour dimension to these seasonal traditions.

autmn barbecues

Monolith’s recipes 

We at Monolith, thanks to our expert chefs and grillers want to share our recipes for the season but whether you follow our offering or not, nothing can replace the fresh seasonal ingredients and cooking over a charcoal fire.

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