matthias otto

It all started with my passion for barbecue and cooking with fire. But I wanted something that went beyond the conventional product reserved for grilling at weekends and then put back in a corner. I wanted to make a versatile barbecue that could be used in different ways, every day, that is also a stylish accessory to be displayed with pride. In order to make this I thought about the kamado, but a new and modern kamado. It was from this thought Monolith was born. I developed a product that combined the tradition of a Japanese kamado with German design, quality and durability. A product that features several cooking systems together with the most advanced technology applied to ceramic grills. A unique device that would make Monolith the kamado brand par excellence.

On this basis our Monolith Kamado Grill was born and subsequently developed over the years. Universal devices that allow you to grill, barbecue and smoke, to have a charcoal oven, a bread and pizza oven, a system that allows you to cook anything; the possibility of having a complete outdoor kitchen not only for the enthusiast but also for the catering professional who needs a system built to withstand intensive use. From this versatility and multi functionality comes the Monolith slogan: Monolith is freedom. A simple concept, but one that embodies the essence of using Monolith today. In Monolith, innovation and technology come together to give everyone the opportunity to use our grill in a simple way whilst still respecting the tradition of cooking with fire. And thanks to this Monolith Kamado Grills have become international cooking devices because they are able to adapt to every culinary culture and so create the traditional recipes of every country.

matthias Otto

We at Monolith are proud of our products and our success which incorporate the essence of German engineering and development which have led us to produce the most technologically advanced kamado on the market. We have achieved these results because we at Monolith, the people who work here, are barbecue lovers & professionals, so we can proudly say that our kamado grills are designed, developed and produced by barbecue lovers for barbecue lovers.

Matthias Otto, CEO and Founder