It’s well know that we at Monolith love Chefs who put open fire cooking at centre stage of their cuisine so Errico Recanati, starred chef at the Andreina family restaurant in Loreto in the Italian province of Ancona, could not fail to be part of our team of European Chef Ambassadors.


First it was Grandma Andreina and now Errico, this “kitchen of smoke and flames” has been handed down the generations and cooking over open fire is the signature element of his cuisine.

Grandma Andreina’s cuisine and the history of her restaurant

“The name of the restaurant pays homage to Andreina who, 61 years ago in 1959, opened a traditional trattoria in Loreto serving game and local Marche specialities, making it one of the most famous restaurants in central Italy in a very short time”.

“Errico was born there, in her grandmother’s kitchen he learnt the basics and now that Andreina is no longer there, Errico continues to create the classic dishes that have made this restaurant so important – the famous meat sauce, cappelletti in broth and tagliatelle. He continues to pay homage to the Marche region using garlic, rosemary and sage to stuff the game.


“Errico’s passion for the tradition, hard work and innovation culminated in 2013 with the award of a Michelin star “.

Chef explains: “My cuisine is a revival of tradition where the raw ingredients, chosen by me are enhanced and not altered. It is a continuous process to modernise both the dishes the techniques that I use”.

Cooking with fire to recover forgotten tastes and flavours

“The interweaving of tradition and innovation” lead Errico to create dishes that are difficult to explain in words, infact they feature deep flavours that make them hold the flavour on the palate. It is only by visiting the restaurant that one can understand how Errico uses embers to extract flavours that would be impossible with other cooking methods. Errico marries embers with foods that nobody had ever contemplated such as spaghetti “Cacio e 7 pepi”. At the Andreina Restaurant, barbecue lovers can be guided by Chef through either of two tasting menus: the Fuoco menu and the Fiamme menu.


Chef’s signature cooking method

Chef Recanati grills food directly over hot coals. The smoke of the charcoal, generated by the preparations and juices of the food, deliver the final elements of the recipe, a process which he often accentuates through the use of what he calls “the hat”. The aromatic notes that the chef is able to give to the food make for a unique dish with unforgettable aromatic sensations of smoke and embers.


The dishes made especially on Monolith

Errico have transferred two perennial favourites to being cooked on the Monolith, “Barbecued lettuce, almonds with trout caviar” and “Guinea fowl, roots and sage extract”. Moreover Errico immediately created two new dishes designed specifically for cooking on the Monolith – “Monkfish liver, quince and lightly smoked duck” and “Italian prawn, its water and oysters”. Soon we will publish the recipes of these two magnificent dishes.

Monolith and Chef Errico Recanati

Chef Recanati uses the Monolith kamado both in the restaurant and for outside catering. 2 Monolith Juniors feature in the kitchen, one of them being located in the open fire area while the Classic Pro Series enjoys the magnificent garden outside, seated in the all-terrain buggy.


Restaurant Andreina

Via Buffolareccia, 14 | 60025 Loreto  | An | Italy | +39 71 970124  |

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