Convert your Monolith into a BBQ Smoker!

Turn your MONOLITH Kamado Grill into a high quality bbq smoker. A well-rounded range of smoke flavours, something for every taste! These smoke pellets each produce, depending on the type of wood, their own signature flavour. Made purely of hardwood (no bark used) and are suitable for all types of grills. The smoking pellets are scattered directly on to the charcoal – no soaking required.


Mild, sweet and fruity smoke – gives delicate flesh a special flavor. Very popular with Spare Ribs. For: beef, pork, poultry, fish, game


The mild smoke taste fits almost every grill good. Also very suitable as a basis for own pellet mixtures. Perfect for pork, beef, poultry and for baking.


Strong nutty smoke, very individual use and ideal for spare ribs. For: Beef, pork, ham, game


Very sweet, fruity smoke. Provides the most intense fruit wood flavor. Very popular with Pulled Pork. For: beef, pork, game


Very mild, sweet and slightly smoky taste. For: pork, poultry, fish and for baking.


Strong and spicy – the typical BBQ flavor from the southern states. For: beef, pork, poultry, fish, game

It’s that easy

Open the smoking unit door and insert the smoking bar into the Monolith Kamado Grill.


Put your Monolith smoke pellets/smoked wood into the chute.


Slide the Smoke Pellets directly into the embers with the chute, then remove and close the flap.

Ready for flavor?

kamado barbecue

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