Monolith Kamado Grill with Buggy and Table

Place your Monolith within a table or buggy. The perfect outdoor kitchen furniture made of stainless steel and teakwood. Great for barbecue teams, street food vendors, restaurants and caterers.

Monolith Buggy mit Seitentisch

Buggy with Sidetable

The Monolith is mounted in the “all-terrain” buggy on a sturdy stainless-steel framed shelf.  Additional work space is provided thanks to the fold down teakwood shelf. 20cm in diameter casters provide a smooth ride that makes the buggy perfect for barbecue teams, street food vendors, restaurants and caterers.

Compatible with: Classic & LeChef
Weight: 55 kg
Item No. LeChef: 201017-L SET
Item No. Classic: 201017-C SET


Cover Buggy

Classic & LeChef
Item No. 201019

Teakwood Table

Transform your Monolith Classic or LeChef into a summer outdoor kitchen with our sturdy stainless steel and teakwood table. The table has ample work surface to prepare your food and store accessories. Two large casters and the handle give you easy mobility. This table is available exclusively for the Monolith Classic and Monolith LeChef

Compatible with: Classic & LeChef
Weight: 64 kg
Item No. LeChef: 201003-L
Item No. Classic: 201003-C


Cover Teakwood Table

Classic & LeChef
Item No. 201014

Monolith Teakholztisch

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