The new PRO SERIES 2.0 Monolith Kamados have a slew of functional and technological improvements, as well as design optimisation. A new era of kamado barbecue has begun, the era of Monolith Kamado Barbecue Pro 2.0

Introduction to the Pro Series 2.0

The Series 1.0 was just about perfect, but because striving to develop and improve is part of our DNA, we have pushed the boundary and created the new Monolith Pro Series 2.0. We have continued to fine-tune our ceramic barbecues, combining the innovations of the existing Pro Series 1.0 – the firebox and the smart-grid-system (SGS) – with a number of clever new features. The new Pro Series 2.0 combines traditional ceramic cooking with modern technological innovation, resulting in stunning results and food with unique flavours.

The different cooking methods

Thanks to the extreme versatility and multifunctionality of the Monolith Pro Series 2.0, it can be used in various ways: as a grill, barbecue, charcoal oven, smoker and also with the help of optional accessories, as a pizza and bread oven, a rotisserie, a plancha, and wok stove.

1 direct grilling

Grill like a pro directly over hot coals on the included Stainless Steel Grid or the optional cast iron grill grate. High heat directly from the coals gives your food those desired sear marks and true authentic barbecue flavour.

2 indirect grilling

Now see all the real advantages of having a Monolith over any other piece of cooking equipment. By placing the Deflector Stone over the hot coals you shield the direct heat away from your food creating a perfectly controllable convection oven. Roast, bake or braise anything from whole fish and roasting joints to cakes and casseroles.

3 Baking

With a Monolith and the optional extra pizza stone, there is no need to invest in a separate pizza oven, now you can easily make authentic Italian thin crust pizzas or even American deep pan pizzas to impress your friends and family. With Monolith you can easily raise the temperature to 400°C and cook the perfect pizza in minutes. This setup is also perfect for flat breads.

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Pro Series 2.0 in detail


The Monolith Kamado Barbecue has got an egg-shaped body consisting of two parts, the base, and a lid that is hinged to that base. The ceramic structure is one of the most important characteristics of a kamado. The composition, thickness, weight, and strength are the four elevating characteristics.

MONOLITH Kamado barbecues are made of the highest quality ceramic whose main characteristic is the resistance to very high temperatures and the consequent long-lasting retention of heat. The ceramic is produced in a Chinese region using a 5,000 year old tradition. This wealth of experience, combined with the latest production technology, guarantees an exceptional product that meets the highest quality requirements of a Monolith Kamado.

The base of our kamado ceramic is the so-called chamotte. Here already milled ceramics are mixed with clay and various additives, and then processed in a mould according to the traditional production method on a rotating plate. After the manual finishing and drying process, the ceramics are fired in a 24 metre long tunnel kiln at approx. 1160°C. This type of kiln guarantees very slow heating and cooling while a very constant temperature is maintained in the centre of the kiln for even firing of the ceramic.

The robot-controlled immersion bath guarantees an even and firm application of the glaze, safely protecting the outside of the ceramic.

Ceramic is everything in a kamado and adapts to every season. When it heats up, it cooks by radiation and resists expansion at high temperatures. A good ceramic will not crack or split and retains heat superbly at both high and low temperatures.

The thicker the ceramic, the heavier the kamado and the better it will keep the temperature constant and not crack, keeping your kamado perfect for years to come.

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The Monolith “engine”: the cooking chamber, brazier or our firebox

The “engine” of our kamado is very powerful and flexible, it adapts perfectly to grill at high temperatures, but also to low and slow cooking and smoking. Our firebox consists of a steel frame in which 5 ceramic segments are placed. The small gaps between the segments prevent cracks in the firebox due to high temperatures. A cast iron grate separates the combustion chamber from the lower part of the firebox in which the ash collection hopper is located. This is accessible through the air inlet vent at the front of the kamado, where the ash can be easily removed with the special shovel supplied. The firebox is completed by the charcoal basket with a divider which can be used when necessary for certain cooking methods that do not require direct fire and do not use the deflector stone.

The firebox system described above can be found in all Monolith Classic and LeChef models, including the BBQ Guru Edition versions. All these models are exposed to more intensive use and higher temperature loads. The perfect firebox system allows the charcoal to burn evenly for long periods with low consumption. In the Monolith Classic, for example, it is possible to work for up to 24 hours in the low temperature range with just 2.5-3 kg charcoal. In the ICON model, due to its small size, the firebox is a reduced version consisting of only 4 segments and there is no Smart Grid System. In the Junior model, neither of these systems is present and the firebox consists of one piece.



Smart-Grid-System (SGS)

Our unique Smart-Grid-System (SGS) offers unrivalled functionality. With this system, you can arrange your cooking zones many ways. Thanks to the metal frame with separate handles, it is possible to lift the entire system (2 grids, 2 deflector stones and 2 grease trays) in and out of your Monolith with one simple and easy movement. The system allows the barbecue grids to be placed at up to 4 different levels, depending on the cooking method desired. On the two crescent-shaped ceramic stones, which together form the heat-protecting deflector for indirect or mixed cooking, you can place the two crescent-shaped stainless steel trays, both of which are used to catch the fat dripping from the food. You can also use them as holders for wine, aromas and spices.  The ceramic deflector system, consisting of the two crescent-shaped parts, gives you the possibility of direct and indirect cooking at the same time, while also using the distributor in the coal basket to place the charcoal on one side as needed.

Up to 3 additional cooking levels above each other

Possibility of two to three additional cooking levels, depending on the model. By purchasing extra grids and the right accessories for the Monolith Classic and LeChef, you can have up to 3 additional cooking levels above each other to cook large loads of meat. In the LeChef model, we can load up to 30 kg of meat.

New “Chef-proof” gaskets for intensive use

Retaining heat in a kamado is something that should not be underestimated. Therefore, we have developed a new sealing system at Monolith that offers two new major advantages. Firstly, we have reduced the need for 2 seals on the kamado to a single seal that is attached to the rim of the lid. Until now, there were two felt seals, one attached to the lid and one on the edge of the base. The brand new durable ceramic glass fibre seal is suitable for intensive use, even at high temperatures such as in the professional sector. The second advantage is that this seal rests on the brand new steel band on the edge of the kamado base. This new seal provides an even better seal than before, also thanks to the lid’s own weight, and therefore keeps the heat inside the kamado without possible heat loss or escaping smoke issues.

The exterior of the Monolith kamado: design and functionality

The finishing: it’s the details that make the difference

An ovoid ceramic, glossy black or brick red, finished with stainless steel 304 bands, and bamboo for the handles and side tables. You may recognise a Monolith Kamado among 1000 because of its unique and unmistakable design. The beautifully glazed ceramic is resistant to expansion, and will not crack or split, partly due to its cantilevered design. The stainless steel 304 bands give rust no chance to affect the kamado, keeping it looking great for the long term. A piece of furniture that can be placed in any outdoor area, from the balcony to the terrace, in the garden and also in any outdoor kitchen.

New ventilation cap

The new ventilation cap with a new design completes the Pro Series 2.0. The completely redesigned cast-iron cap vents the smoke directly upwards from the barbecue. The new slide system with locking mechanism offers more stability when opening the lid, and just like before it can alter the air flow and temperature with adjustment in combination with the air vent slider at the base.

New hinge system, opening and closing in a easily way

Two models are equipped with new hinges at the back to guide opening and closing.

  • The CLASSIC: more flexibility combined with even more stability. We have repositioned the hinge point of the lid so that it is even easier to open aided by a completely flat and level lid when closed.
  • The JUNIOR: a removable lid and possibility to use the fireplate with our new Pro Serie 2.0. We have equipped the Junior with the ICON hinge. This now makes it possible to easily remove the lid and use the Junior as an open barbecue, as well as to install the fireplate of the ICON model for even more versatility.
Chip feeder system: the smart way of feeding smoke pellets directly on the embers

All Pro Series 2.0 models (except the ICON) are equipped with a small special entry point (chip-feeder-system) in the middle of the base of the kamado. Through this flap, using a special slide, smoke pellets or wood chips can be fed directly on to the glowing charcoal. This is all without having to lift the lid or moving the grids and interrupting the cooking process or letting heat escape.

Guru Ready, ready for BBQ Guru digital control

No more compromises: all models of the Pro Series 2.0 are equipped with an adapter built into the base of the kamado, on which the BBQ Guru fan can be placed in just one turn. Thus, the awkward mounting of the adapter plate to the air supply slider is a thing of the past.

The accessories

For the Pro Series 2.0, there are innumerable accessories available that make our Monolith the kamado barbecue with the largest assortment of accessories ever, including:

  • Rotisserie and skewers
  • Fireplate plancha
  • WOK
  • Fireproof stone for pizza and bread

And also Cast iron accessories:

  • Cast iron grids
  • Cast iron plancha
What you can do with the Pro Series 2.0 2021 Edition

As you can see the Monolith Kamado is not just a barbecue, but a cooking system that can be used for multiple cooking methods. It is possible to grill, barbecue, smoke (hot and cold), stir fry any type of food, and use the kamado as a charcoal oven for low and high temperatures to bake pizza and bread, or to cook roasts and desserts.

In addition the wide range of accessories allows the functionality to be expanded. The Monolith can become a rotisserie, a plancha, or a wok stove. When the kamado is shut down, it can still be used to keep food warm with the retained heat. All of this confirms that a Monolith Kamado is a complete outdoor kitchen. Monolith can be used as a single cooking system to create any dish and a complete menu from starters to desserts.

With Monolith Kamado barbecue the grilling season last 365 days a year.

Winter grilling

The new hub for the world of kamado and ceramic barbecues now has a new domain name:


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