About kamados, charcoal and sustainability

Meat, CO2 and climate change – these are the first three terms that come to mind when you think of “sustainability”. As a manufacturer of charcoal grills, we are aware of the responsibility we carry on our shoulders. This is why since our founding we have dedicated ourselves to the challenge of making the world around MONOLITH as sustainable as possible. Not least because the topic is also a personal concern for Managing Director Matthias Otto and his team. But how exactly do we take care of energy efficiency, sustainability, and CO2 neutrality? The answer is threefold.

1. The Grill

While many gas and charcoal barbecues wear out after just a few years (or even months) and have to be disposed of in case of doubt, every MONOLITH Kamado is a purchase for life. The ceramic body lasts forever without external influence, while the high-quality stainless steel fittings, as well as the new gaskets of the Pro Series 2.0 do not rust even after years in the open air.

In addition, as a ceramic barbecue the MONOLITH is extremely charcoal efficient because the energy produced during combustion is very effectively converted into usable heat, absorbed by the ceramic, and stored there over a long cooking time. 

2. The Charcoal

When choosing the right charcoal, quality, durability, efficiency and flavour are the most important factors. With these aspects in mind, we have developed MONOLITH barbecue charcoal together with an innovative German company. The company mainly produces charcoal as a feed additive, which is why this charcoal meets the highest standards of purity and climate-neutral production. For example, our charcoal is made exclusively from sustainably sourced oak wood from certified German forestry.

In addition, all stages of the production process are energy-optimised: The resulting gas powers a combined heat and power plant, while the waste heat is diverted and used to dry the raw material. The fact that the charcoal goes out quickly when the grill is closed and can be reused afterwards also contributes to its sustainability, of course.

3. The Barbecue

We encourage all MONOLITH owners to consider both versatility and high quality food with provenance. Especially but not exclusively fish and meat. With its different cooking methods and huge range of accessories, vegetables and side dishes can be prepared more creatively and animals can be utilised more holistically.

Use the wok crown, pizza stone or a Dutch oven and turn side dishes or leftovers into delicious main courses – the possibilities are endless, a MONOLITH can do much more than just sausages and steaks. So to those who aspire to cook food in a sustainable way and try out a wide variety of dishes, MONOLITH is the grill that fulfils these wishes.

Sustainability can be achieved in many ways and we strive to follow as many of these paths as possible – out of conviction, with respect and responsibility. In 40 years time, we would still like to be sitting in the garden on a balmy summer evening, the voices of our loved ones in our ears and the aroma of our MONOLITH in our noses.

Even if we can‘t achieve everything individually, we still want to do our part. For a better, greener world.